Property Insurance

Protect your business to keep it above losses and interruptions.


With the rising growth of the real estate market and increase in investments, it is increasingly important to take necessary steps to protect your investments. Our property insurance plans offer you peace of mind by providing appropriate coverage for your immobile assets with exceptional and timely assistance in the unfortunate event of a claim.

Fire Insurance & Special Perils Insurance

Includes loss due to fire, burglary, lightning, explosion, riot, strike, civil commotion, storm, flood, bursting or overflowing of water tanks or pipes, earthquakes etc.

Property All Risk Insurance

Offers wider coverage than a standard Fire policy. Your assets are covered under this policy for accidental, physical loss and/or damage.

Business Interruption Insurance

Covers loss of revenue or gross profit following accidental damage to your property covered under your Property All Risks insurance policy.

  • Fire insurance and special perils insurance
  • Property all risk insurance
  • Business interruption insurance

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