General Accident Insurance

Shield your business and personal interests against various unforeseen and negative incidents with ease.


Our General Accident Insurance packages cover a variety of unforeseen and negative workplace, business operations and individual specific incidents. The packages are designed to minimise the financial losses and the negative impact to the company reputation. The packages included are the following:

Money Insurance

Covers money against loss, destruction or damage whilst it is kept in safe or in a secured room or while it is in transit.

Personal Accident Benefit Insurance

Covers worldwide cover for your employees against death or bodily injury resulting from an accident on a 24-hour basis.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Covers loss that results from forgery, embezzlement, larceny or fraudulent conversion committed by your employees for money/goods that belong to your company. Typically, employees handling cash, accounts and inventory are covered under this policy.

Bankers Blanket Insurance

Bankers Blanket is a packaged policy designed for financial institutions like banks, exchange companies, etc.

Jewelers Block Insurance

Jewelers Block is a packaged policy designed for jewelers and this policy covers loss of merchandise in premises within vault and outside vault during business hours & while in transit.

  • Money insurance
  • Personal accident benefit insurance
  • Fidelity guarantee insurance
  • Bankers blanket insurance
  • Jewellers block insurance

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