Marine Insurance

Comprehensive all-risks coverage that ensures financial stability and business continuity.


Our Marine Insurance packages are specialized products specifically designed to cater to the needs of the marine transportation industry. They include the following:

Marine Cargo

Covers the movement of cargo on the international waters by ship.

Inland Transit Insurance (Goods in Transit)

Goods being delivered from a supplier to a customer that will move overland.

Marine Hull

Marine Hull Insurance covers loss or damage to hull and machinery. The hull is the structure of the vessel. Yachts can also be insured under a marine hull policy.

Protection & Indemnity Insurance (P&I)

A marine hull policy only covers three quarters of the insured liabilities towards third parties. Liability typically arises in respect of a collision with another ship, a fixed object, wreck removal, pollution etc.

  • Marine cargo
  • Inland transit insurance
  • Marine hull
  • Protection and indemnity insurance (P&I)

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